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Cycle of life

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Cycle of life

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short name: Cycle of life
nutshell: Cycle of life

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Wording of this Handout:

Have you ever sat beside a river and watched the swirling water going by?
Have you ever wondered where all that water comes from - and where it goes?
If you could fly up into the sky, higher and higher, you would see that the river flows to the sea.
Where does the water come from? It comes from rain and snow. These come from clouds, which come from the sea.
Round and round, the water flows by, washing the land into the sea, rising from the sea, coming down as rain.
More than 3000 years ago king Solomon wrote some words about these things.
Away back then he already knew that the wind and the water all go round and round, finishing where they start, and starting where they finish, round and round, just like people, and the sun, and the earth, and Nature.
The whole world is made up of round and rounds, with everything part of everything else.
What a wonderful creation the world is.
(See Ecclesiastes 1:4-7)
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