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Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

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short name: Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
nutshell: Stars

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Wording of this Handout:

Do you know the name of the star which is the nearest to the Earth?

The answer is the Sun.

You must not look straight at the Sun because it can hurt your eyes, but if you do manage to ever see it, you will notice that it is bright and hot.

The reason it is bright and hot is because it is burning.

Now if you have ever seen a fire, such as a stack of wood buming, you will know that a fire uses fuel. If the fire bums for long enough, all the fuel will be gone.

The sun is exactly the same.

When God created the sun, He started it with just enough fuel to bum at just the right speed, to give heat and light to Earth. But since that day, about 6000 years ago, the sun has used up some of its fuel.

If it keeps burning for long enough it will eventually run out.

If you look at the stars, you win see millions and millions of suns, all burning their fuel away. God created all the stars too.

What happens when a star runs out of fuel?

It goes out.

Some stars go out with a great big explosion. These big explosions are called supernovas. They are big, bright explosions. and when they happen, the whole star disappears as a cloud of hot gas and dust.

But no-one has ever seen a star being born. Plenty of stars have been seen dying, or going out, but not one star has ever been seen starting up.

Why is this?

The answer comes straight from the Bible. It is because God finished creating all the stars about 6000 y,ars ago, and since then all the stars have been running down.

See how the Bible gives us the right answers to the big puzzles!
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