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The Wonders of Water

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Wonders of Water

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short name: The Wonders of Water
nutshell: God's Design in Creation: Water

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Wording of this Handout:

Water can be a gas - steam, and it can be a solid - ice, and it can be a liquid - water.

But water goes from ice to steam in only a few degrees, and life depends on it, so life cannot survive without water within 0 and100 degrees.

Water also takes a lot of energy to heat it up, which makes it a perfect part of our planet. Water keeps our planet just the right temperature most of the time, in most places.

Water will dissolve just about anything. This means that it can carry the things which living things need to keep them healthy. Most of our blood is water.

What do we do with water?
We drink it, We wash with it, We mix it with our food, We use it in paint, We play with it, We clean with it, We dissolve things with it, We carry things on it, We use it to put out fires, We shoot it at people, We decorate with it, We fish from it, We sail on it, And many other things.

Water freezes in an amazing way.
Just before it reaches 0 degrees it expands, which means that it is lighter than the water around it. This makes it float, which is why ponds and rivers always freeze from the top down, instead of the bottom up. This gives life in ponds and rivers a chance to survive under the ice.

Water is always able to make itself pure, even when it is mixed with the most poisonous chemicals. It evaporates off polluted lakes and pools, and comes down as pure water again.

When God created our planet, He designed water to do all these things.
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