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Story Annie and the Knives ( 2 of 3 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Story Annie and the Knives ( 2 of 3 )

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short name: Story Annie and the Knives ( 2 of 3 )
nutshell: Story Annie and the Knives

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Wording of this Handout:

"Maybe I should do my best for Jesus too?" She thought, "Now let me see . . . tonight I have to make dinner. I know, I'll make it as if Jesus will be there to eat it!"

So she did, and after the meal, one of the girls, called Jean, told her what a wonderful meal it had been.
"Don't thank me" said the cook, "Thank Annie. She polished the knives for Jesus, so I cooked the meal for Him!" Jean thought about this. After the meal she went to her room and found something she could do for Jesus too - some lace which had to be ironed for Margaret. She ironed the lace carefully and took it to Margaret.
"How beautifully you have done this!" Said Margaret, when she saw the lace.

"Don't thank me" said Jean, "Thank Annie. She polished the knives for Jesus, so I thought I'd iron some lace for Him!".
After Jean had gone, Margaret tried to think of what she could do for Jesus. The only thing she could think of was to sing her very best for Jesus, at the prayer-meeting that evening.
"I will pretend that Jesus is sitting there, listening to me" she thought.
At the meeting, the minister was feeling tired and discouraged, but when he heard Margaret's singing, he was greatly cheered.
"Your singing has really helped me" said the minister, "How do you get so much feeling into your voice?
"I was thinking of Annie" said Margaret, "She's a servant-girl, but she does everything for Jesus - even cleaning knives" .
The minister left the meeting that night, feeling encouraged, and as he walked home he thought about what he might do for Jesus. His thoughts turned to a man called Old John.

Old John was a difficult man to speak to. He wanted nothing to do with church or ministers, and usually he wouldn't let a Christian through his door,
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