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Story Gladys Aylward ( 2 of 2 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Story Gladys Aylward ( 2 of 2 )

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short name: Story Gladys Aylward ( 2 of 2 )
nutshell: Story Gladys Aylward

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After much hard work, Gladys returned, with the rest of the money.
One day, a missionary called Jeannie Lawson asked Gladys if she would take her place in China. Gladys said "Yes!" and sailed on the 18th October 1930. All she had was a suitcase, a kettle, a small saucepan, a spirit stove, a fur rug, a Bible, a fountain pen, and two pounds.
She headed for a place called Tientsin.
China is a huge country, and Gladys felt very strange as she headed into it by train.
There was a war on too, which stopped her journey, so she was stranded.
She got off the train, and picked up her belongings, and started to walk . . . a foreigner in a vast land.
By nightfall she was all alone, unable to speak a word of the language, surrounded by snow, with the sound of wolves about her, and the glittering stars of Siberia over her head.
She trudged for nearly three days, until she arrived at a little station, where she was ignored, then arrested. and thrown into a filthy room.
Eventually, a man who could speak English arrived, and Gladys was sent to Vladivostok, where she barely escaped another arrest, by catching a ship to Japan.
From Kobe, in Japan, Gladys was given a free ship-journey across the Yellow Sea.

When she finally arrived at Tientsin, in the mountains of Shansi, she found that Mrs Jeannie Lawson bad moved!
It would take weeks to find her, by train, by bus, and by mule. . . but Gladys went on until she found the missionary, who was aged but very happy to see her.
Jeannie was living in a dirty, falling-down old building, which was full of holes, and so horrible-looking it was avoided by the Chinese people who lived nearby. Some even said it was haunted.
But Gladys had come to preach the gospel, and nothing would put her off. She got busy, and cleaned up the building, and soon there were people from round about coming in for a friendly meal, and they listened to the Good News of Jesus, with eager hearts.
Gladys Aylward forged a way for the gospel in China, and set an amazing example of courage and love, in the face of terrible hatred and ignorance.
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