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A Pair of Glasses

Sunday School Activity Sheet: A Pair of Glasses

tags: testimony

handout id: 3622
short name: A Pair of Glasses
nutshell: Testimony

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Wording of this Handout:

One day, some Christians were packing things into a box, so they could send it away to an orphanage ( A place where children are looked after ). By accident, one of the Christians dropped his glasses into the box, and he didn't notice his glasses were gone until the box was sent on its way.
The man was sad, and annoyed, about losing his glasses, but there was nothing he could do, so he went to town and bought a new pair.
Months passed, and then one day the man who looked after the orphanage decided to visit all the churches which had sent things to his orphanage.
"I have a wonderful story to tell you" said the man from the orphanage, "About a year ago I and my friends were praying for things for the orphanage. We had very little money, and what little we had was being spent on the children. I needed glasses too, but of course I couldn't afford them, so I asked God to send me some." "Then a box came from this church, and what do you think I found inside it? Something none of the children needed, and something we never get sent to us - yes, a pair of glasses!
"And when I tried them on, they were perfect! They fitted just like they were made for me, and they were exactly what my eyes needed! Thank you so much for sending them! How on earth did you know!?" One of the people listening to this story was the man who had lost his glasses.
Now he understood why God had let him lose those glasses it was to answer the prayers of someone else who really needed to see properly!
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