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Surf's Up

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Surf's Up

tags: testimony

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short name: Surf's Up
nutshell: Testimony

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Wording of this Handout:

Hey Hey!

Looks like a good day or zippers!

Maybe I'll do a few fades

Or get myself into a big set, and tuck und a slot, then shoot through a hot tube without getting dusted.

Maybe I'll get where it's all happening, and gun down a wolf- or hang ten on a glass lip while I carve it up.

Or maybe I'll get an original loose goose, with a cut back and roll out of a drill.

Or even a superfast break, down a deep pipe, ending with a tight, funky chop, then pull back into the face just out of the ball, and cut off in front of a rough tooth . . .

Trouble is . . . I always wipe out!

A personal testimony turned into a gospel tract.

The surfer in the cartoon was a friend of mine. He was a Christian who loved surfing. He asked me to do a cartoon about him, with the gospel on the back, and have it printed, so he could give copies of his testimony away to other surfers. That was a good idea, wasn't it!

Do you understand what the surfer is talking about? You might, if you are a keen surfer, but if you're like me, you have to guess at what all those strange words really mean. Did you know that this is exactly bow it is sometimes, when Christians talk to other people?
We use words like "Redemption" and "Atonement" because we know what they mean, but they sound like something strange to other people.
It always helps, when you are witnessing, to try to talk in a way that is suitable to your listener.
Jesus did this.
When he met the woman at the well, in John 4, he started by talking to her about water. That was something she understood. Then Jesus went on to talk about himself, and he used very simple words.
Can you remember to do this?

Here's something for you to do.
Write or type your personal testimony (how you became a Christian) on a sheet of paper, then make some copies with a photocopier and give them away. You might like to add some drawings, to make it look more interesting. If it seems too hard for you, ask someone to help you.
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