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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Phonebooth

tags: testimony, phone booth, Bible, salvation

handout id: 3644
short name: Phonebooth
nutshell: Testimony

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Wording of this Handout:

A man went into a telephone box. He prepared to dial his home. In one hand he held a gun. He was going to ring his wife, say goodbye, and then shoot himself

But just as he was about to dial, he saw a sticker on the wall of the phonebox. The sticker told him that God loved him. The man thought about this for a while. He needed love. He began to cry. "Do you really love me God?" and God told him, in his heart, that yes, He really DID love him

The man called out to God to save him. He was given a great peace, deep inside.

He rang his wife. When his wife answered, he told her how God had reached into his heart and given him a new start in life. He told his wife that he was coming home.

Do you believe this story? You'd better, because it's true.


If I had all the books in the world and only two shelves, I would put the Bible on the top shelf, and all the other books on the other one.

There is no book like the Bible.
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