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The Wrong Car

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Wrong Car

tags: testimony

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short name: The Wrong Car
nutshell: Testimony

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Wording of this Handout:

A funny thing happened to Ray Comfort (an evangelist in California ), on day. He was asked to speak at a school, but he had not transport, so young lady who worked for him offered hime her car.
She gave him the keys and told him where her car was, so off went Ray, to look for a green Volkswagen.
He found a green Volkswagon, jumped in, and drove it to the school, where he spoke for a while, and came back to the lady, to return her keys.
After a few words with her, he discovered that car he had driven was actually someone else's!
Which goes to show us that we can really believe something, but that doesn't make it true. Ray really believed he was driving the lady's car, but he was totally wrong. He was sincerely wrong.
God wants us to believe the truth, not lies. He wants us to put our trust in Jesus, and be saved, not put our trust in wrong teaching, witch will do us not good at all, in the end.
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