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Childs story

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Childs story

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short name: Childs story
nutshell: Childs story

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Wording of this Handout:

Many years ago, a little five year old girl gave me this story. Please don't blame me for her spelling!

Chapter 1 My New Wold
One day I was in red sleeping I was have a dream about a bran new wold and it had food all over it. and one day it came true I was looking in my mirror and it went al slurry I looked round and I was standing in apples and cream I wa fleting hungry so I sat down to have llunch when I had finched I found some hard chocklet and made a house I was lurning and it had to do untill I had some practise.

Chapter 2 my bed.
I had decided what to live in my trouble now was what to sleep in I had looked around a bit and found some bread and thort that it might be good for my Mattrice and dlankets for a while my red was inside and the soop was running in side to I was getting wet so I got up and looked dread crusted there dut there was at the dack I got it and put on the floor and went to sleep.

Chapter 3 looking around.
The next day I decided to find some other foods I made a dasket from lickresh straps and when looking I seen nother very good wuntill I found some stake I put it in my basket I found mintsuce and peas. I picket some fuit up to I was head dack when I seen my house wodling I thort it was Mum for a start dut when I went in it was only jelly I cooked my Food and sat down to eat.

Chapter 3 my fun day.
I was out side when I was playing I seen some jelly I ran and jumped in it when the sun came out the jelly melted I had a swim in it the flavor was wwater it was cold so I swam out the mates I newsed to roll on was dread I got mixed up in pancakes and made then duncy I jumped on it and made a hill. the sun was going down and I had to get some sleep.

Chapter 4 a ride in the doat.
I was looking a round and I seen an late coconut and it was empty it had no milk in it and I thort it might de a good boat so I took it to the pond I sat in it and got some chocket sticks for the paddles.
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