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Look It Up

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Look It Up

tags: puzzle

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short name: Look It Up

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Wording of this Handout:

All the answers to this quiz are in the Bible. Write the first letter of each answer in the box then read something amazing about Jesus.

First book of the Bible

The name of Noah's father
Genesis 5:25

What Jacob poured on a stone?
Genesis 28:18

Who did Isaac marry?
Genesis 25:20

What did Aaron burn?
Exodus 30:18

Who was the brother of Kenaz?
Joshua 15:17

Which city did Abram come from?
Genesis 15:7

How many good cows came out of the river?
Genesis 41:2

Name the judge in the book of Judges

Who was the first man ever to sin?
Genesis 12:6

Another word for "deer meat"
Genesis 25:28

Who was Joseph sold to?
Genesis 37:27

The first animal mentioned in Exodus

Who was Bezaleel the son of?
Exodus 31:2

What color was Esau when he was born?
Genesis 25:25

If you don't know the answers, get a Bible and look them up!
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