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Mixed up Bible Story

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Mixed up Bible Story

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short name: Mixed up Bible Story

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Wording of this Handout:

Oh What a Mix Up!

In the story you are about to read, there are some dreadful mistakes! How many of them can you spot?

Moses too the animals into the ark. While he was there, he built a tower which reach up into the sky. Son after that Daniel cam along and his wife and had two babies - Esau and Jacob. Jacob went up a mountain and got ten candy mints from God, then he flew about in a whirlwind until the Egyptians had been drowned in custard. The very next day, Daniel was thrown into a fiery furnace, where he played on his harp and wrote many songs. Goliath came to see him after that, and hit himself in the head with a fish. The fish landed on the ground and out jumped a hundred coins, which Peter used to by a whale.

Did you get them all?
1. It was Noah, not Moses who went on the ark
2. The animals were brought to the ark by God, not Noah
3. It was Noah's descendants who built the tower, not Noah
4. Daniel came hundreds of years later
5. Isaac;s wife Rebecca had Esau and Jacob
6. Moses got went up the mountain
7. Moses got ten commandments from God
8. Elijah flew in a whirlwind
9. The Egyptians were drowned in water
10. Daniel was not thrown into a furnace
11. David played the harp and wrote the sounds
12. Goliath was stuck in the head by a stone
13. The fish which peter caught had one coin in its mouth
14. Peter used the money to pay the temple tax
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