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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Electricity

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short name: Electricity

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Wording of this Handout:

Electricity is energy.


You know you have it when you flick a switch and a light comes on. Electricity is so useful.... think of all the things you can do with it! Here are some of the things which use electricity: Torches, televisions, jugs, hot-water cylinders, lawn mowers, Microwaves, stereos, heaters, fans, radios, cassette-players, CD players, batteries, computers, watches, toys, (millions of them!), hearing aids, can-openers, pace-makers, and possibly your teacher at school if he/she acts like a robot. Lightning is electricity. It comes down from the sky and at the same time another bolt rises from the ground. When the two bolts pass against each other they generate heat and also make a big bang!! Electricity get its name from the word 'electron' which is a part on an atom. Some electrons jump from one atom to another. When a lot of them jump in one direction, you have and electric currant. (a flow of electrons)

Tricks you can play with electricity

1. Blow up a balloon and rub it against you woolen jersey. Now the balloon will try to stick to the wall or ceiling!

2. Get a plastic knitting needle and rub it under you armpit against your woolen jersey. Rip some paper into little bits and now the end of the needle will act like a magnet, picking the paper up!

3. Get a synthetic (acrylic) garment or piece of cloth. Turn out the light at night. Rub the material vigorously against itself and watch the sparks!

4. If you like electric shocks, a simple way to get one is to wait for a hot, dry day, then jump on a trampoline for a while, then reach you finger towards the side support. Ouch!!!

1. Never play with anything plugged into the wall.

2. Always keep water away from electrical things.

3. Ask an adult if you are not sure.
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