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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Epitaphs

tags: epitaph, tombstone, humor

handout id: 3988
short name: Epitaphs

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Wording of this Handout:


This is my tomb,
Please don't scratch it,
This is where they
Buried the hatchet

Here lies a journalist
A digger for facts
Who on day dug too far

He who eats preservatives
Stays alive but never lives.

Her lies funny Francis Mickle
Always never sometimes fickle,
Buried downside upside down
Should we smile or should we frown?

Once a Spartan, now I rot,
Like a moldy apricot,
Why I fought courageously
Well, its just all Greek to me.

Eat your veggies they all said,
So I did - and now I'm dead.
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