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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Crackpot

tags: invention, cartoon, comic, humor, crackpot, mad scientist

handout id: 3989
short name: Crackpot

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Wording of this Handout:

Behold! my new invention!! A Power-Suck-Ray!

Now for the world's first demonstration! Yee-haaaar!

Ray Gun

A Humble Chicken

Mr Ray Gunn


Just in case you were interested...The Chicken was sucked into the Ray and disappeared.


Oh no! The Power-Suck-Ray won't switch off!! ZAP!

Oh no! The Power-Suck-Ray won't switch off!!

Just in case you were wondering, the Suck-Ray has sucked Crackpott's secret laboratory in!!

Help! I can't turn it off!


The whole planet Earth

Galaxies, Mars, Jupiter, Stars

And finally the Power-Suck-Ray sucked itself into itself. THE END.
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