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Be prepared

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Be prepared
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Wording of this Handout:

"Be Prepared" By Richard Gunther

A Mighty Mag Production

Ah! The wide open spaces. What a life!

Mountains, hills, bush tracks, and plains - a good challenge for me.

I'm a top-notch scout, and I'm prepared for anything!

In my pack, I've got clothes, soap, knife, spoon, boots, pen and paper, toothbrush, food, sweets, pots and pans, compass, matches, bags, quilt, sheets, pillow, flare, torch, axe, saw, money, cards, candles, wire, string, rope, needle, thread.....

You name it, I've got it! Every possible problem is catered for..... Every disaster every accident; I'm self-sufficient, and completely able to take care of myself!

"Be prepared," that's my motto!

I'm ready for whatever might happen to me.

I'm like a lot of New Zealanders. We don't need other people.....

Or charity.

Or God...

Especially God. Why should we need him when we can do everything for ourselves?



Help! I'm going to die! Oh God! Help me God!
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