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Wally Strip - 7

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Wally Strip - 7

tags: wally, dog, imagination, imagine, cartoon, space, ship, alien

handout id: 4109
short name: Wally Strip - 7
nutshell: Wally day dreams there are aliens who collect Wallys.

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Wording of this Handout:

Wally Walnut 7

Wally: "Look at all those stars!"

Cruncher: "Yeah!"

Wally: "I wonder if there are any other Wallys out there?"

Cruncher: "Sure to be."


Cruncher: "Day dream time!"

Alien: "There's an earthling!"

Wally: "Oops! I wonder what they want?"

Cruncher: "Guess!"

Alien: "Are you a Wally? What is your name?"

Putt, putt, putt, putt.

Wally: "Wally."

Alien: "Good, we collect Wallys. Beam him up!"

Alien: "Hmmm..."

Wally: "I think I can hear my mum calling me..."

Cruncher: "I hope they don't collect dogs, too."

Alien: "We need one more Wally for our inter-galactic Wally collection."

Wally: "Er, great..."

Alien: "But first we have to suck all your brains out!!"

Alien: "Oh dear, this Wally has no brain!!"

Other alien: "Oops!"


Wally: "Now I'm seeing stars!"

Cruncher: "This kid is off the planet!"

Alien: "I'll say!"
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