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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Lesson 6: CHRISTIAN

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short name: Lesson 6: CHRISTIAN
nutshell: Plan of Salvation Activity Sheet

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Wording of this Handout:

Lesson Six: Christian

Now you know these things:

You are a sinner,
God loves you
There is a place for you in heaven
You cannot get to heaven because you are a sinner
Jesus died for all sinners

Do you want to go to heaven?
If you said yes, then here is what you must do:

1. Say to God that you know you are a sinner.
2. Believe that Jesus died for you.
3. Ask Jesus to come into you heart.
4. Start living for Jesus every day.
(See lesson seven for more about number 4)

If you do these things, you can be called a Christian.

The Bible promises that: "All who ask Jesus in are called the children of God."
John 1:12

Find your way through this maze to the door marked CHRISTIAN.

Now read lesson seven to find out how to find the Christian life.
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