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MMag 198 Good works

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 198 Good works
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Wording of this Handout:

Good Works

Here's Mr. Average nice-person...He's so good! He has never been a burglar, and never even killed anybody!

He's always busy getting things done!

He collects cans to raise money. He works hard for his community. He really cares and everybody likes him.

He always dresses nicely and his house and property is very tidy and well cared for . There is...well, nothing bad at all about him!

Isn't that lovely! We need more people like him around!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, he also goes to his church regularly...what fine, upstanding example of a Christian!

There is, actually, on e tiny, tiny thing you haven't been told...if you'll excuse men saying it...

Mr. Average Nice-person is not saved! That is, he's lost, dead in his sins, cut off God spiritually, an enemy of God, going to Hell!

Apart from that, all's well with him, so let's just forget about what the Bible says.

Even though the Bible says, "All our righteousness is as filthy rags," we'll just not mention it to Mr. Average, shall we?

He might be a bit upset if he learns that good works are no substitute for salvation by grace, and grace alone.

If he's content to enjoy the praise of his friends and neighbors, who are we to point out the painful truth about his real situation?

Cheery-O Mr, Average nice-person, and good luck on Judgement Day!
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