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Crazy Comics

Christian book: It's a Young World After All It's a Young World After All
There is evidence in many aspects of the world around us that the earth is young. This story gives concrete facts through explaining all the ways that the earth shows evidence of it's youth. With the facts given, it would be difficult to say the earth is millions of years old.
Christian book: Jet-Brian Ace Bob Jet-Brian Ace Bob
This story is about a secret agent named Jet-Brain Ace Bob who is sent to a planet called Xerox to save the natives from evil robots roming the plant destroying everything in site.But cann hhe stop them, or will he be destroyed along with everything else.
Christian book: Jonah Jonah
( Jonah )
The Jonah story in humorous comic context
Christian book: LIttle God Joe LIttle God Joe
Joe was lazy, he wished to be God, to have His power. And God gave him power, for a day. Joe learns that human nature is more complicated than just giving everyone what they want, more than giving eve . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: One Cute Little Bear One Cute Little Bear
This very brave little indian learns an important lesson about pride. He is such a bragger that his father finally gives him a challenge, in hopes to give some humility to his little bragging brave. The little indian is a bit slow to learn, be he catches on!
Christian book: Plucky Guy Plucky Guy
Plucky means to have determined courage in the face of difficulty. I guess we can call this guy either plucky or crazy! Richard Gunther's art shown here is easy going and definitely entertaining. He likes to call this guy the Plucky Guy.
Christian book: Temptation Temptation
This story is about Temptation, and how Satan will try to tempt you to do bad things,but you must try to resist them, and tell the Devil "NO"