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Crazy Comics

Making good use of our short life
Christian book: The Spider and the Clock The Spider and the Clock
( Making good use of our short life )
A silly story about a spider who wasted his life trying to stop the movements of the hands of a clock because he wanted to stop time.
Christian book: Thistles at the Door Thistles at the Door
This story gives an excellent illustration about a Christian's capability of decerning the truth from a lie. It starts with "thistle men" calling themselves apples. When they are called out by someone . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Those Darned Socks Those Darned Socks
A poor woman and her sick husband have needs greater than what they can provide for. The woman looks to God and asks for His help. Everything changes as God begins a new wok in her life. She learned . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Tricky Cricket Tricky Cricket
Tricky Cricket is new to this world, just hatched, in fact. When He goes exploring and finds that all that is attractive is not safe! But the God who made the crickets is here to help.
Christian book: Trouble Trouble
Sam is a good boy, he has no real problems with his parents or other people, but for his birthday his aunt gives him a shirt that says, "I am trouble." Sam is all too ready to identify with this shirt . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Two Dogs Two Dogs
Two dogs, Alexander the Magnificent and Wuggly the Willing, meet up with he same boy. Unfortunately, Alexander thinks he is pretty special and has no interest in playing the boy, but Wuggly is a different story. There's an analogy here, can you guess what it is?
Christian book: Wally Wishbone Wally Wishbone
( Wisdom )
We often wish for things and circumstances that will make us happier. But all we need to make our lives better and happier is to obey God.