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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: Grumpy Gale Grumpy Gale
Mom and Dad have gone out for the night and left big sister in charge. She wants to do her Bible study, but her brother and sister need caring for. Her response: yell at them and tell them to go to bed, so she can peacefully read about the fruit of the spirit.
Christian book: Hungry Harold Hungry Harold
Harold is really hungry! He can't believe its only been a few hours since his last meal, but his mother tells him about a food that lasts and lasts, in fact, it lasts forever.
Christian book: In The Dark In The Dark
Little Bubba is home with the babysitter, all is going well, until bedtime when Bubba is afraid of the dark. But his babysitter knows just how ti handle this!
Christian book: Just Ask Just Ask
The young son in this story asks his dad for lots of things that the dad either says no to or are impossible to deliver. It is a parallel to the way God takes care of us. Though nothing is impossible for God, He still doesn't give us everything we ask for.
Christian book: Knife Strife Knife Strife
Nigel loves the new pocket multi tool his father gave to him. As he learns there are other multi tools with different tools inside his father uses this opportunity to talk to Nigel about the gifts the Holy Spirit gives to believers.
Christian book: Larry and the Labels Larry and the Labels
One day, when his mother was out, Larry decided to switch some labels on cans in the pantry! His mother uses this event to teach Larry about how God sees people, He already knows whats not the inside, no matter what it looks like on the outside.
Christian book: Life from Inside Life from Inside
George had a sock puppet who only came to life when George played with it. Without George, the puppet was lifeless. Here is a little story to illustrate what our lives are like without the Holy Spirit.