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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: Love Life Love Life
God hears all things, He knows all things. If we think no one is listening when we say things we shouldn't, we are wrong! This brother is telling his friend how stupid his sister is, but his words will be found out!
Christian book: Mike's Jersey Mike's Jersey
Mike's mom sees it is time for some new clothing, but Mike loves his old clothes and doesn't want to get rid of them. God loves us, and those we are ragged, He does not want to get rid of us, either.
Christian book: Mixing with Max Mixing with Max
Max goes to church, he likes the sermons, but when he looks for fun you cannot tell he is a Christian. In fact, his behavior and interests are directly against scripture. Max is in need of making some decisions.
Christian book: Near or Far Near or Far
Little Jane has decided she'd like to be a missionary to a far away place when she grows up. But Jane has some new neighbors her mother would like her to greet. When Jane is uninterested in the neighbors her mother helps Jane to see things the way God sees things.
Christian book: Only Words Only Words
The new girl in school calls herself a Christian, but she uses bad language, and all the other kids are hearing it. When confronted, the girl says she doesn't do other bad things, but the kids in school think she's not very different than any of them. But she has the Holy Spirit to recon with!
Christian book: Potato Puzzler Potato Puzzler
This story settles the age old question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" by examining the account of creation.
Christian book: Silly Billy Silly Billy
Billy's mom was going out for the afternoon and asked Billy to turn on the oven at 3:30. Billy got so involved reading in the book of James about not being just a hearer of the Word that he lost track of time. Billy learns what the rest of the verse means that he should be a doer also.