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One Foot in Heaven Clip Art

One Foot in Heaven
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One Foot in Heaven Image

Let's hope we never have to get to the point of entering heaven with one foot because our feet were causing us to sin, like it says in Matthew 18:8. Hopefully we will be watching ourselves and saying no to sin. Though I remember a story that James Dobson aired on Focus on the Family about a girl whose parents told her not to look at the eclipse, but she was accustomed to not listening to her parents. So she watched the eclipse and nothing happened right away. But very soon afterward she noticed it was getting darker and darker until she completely lost her vision. This is one example of bodily loss as a consequence of sin. I'm sure this girl thought different about obeying her parents after that.

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tags: foot, cripple, evangelism, Matthew

art id: 2874
short name: One Foot in Heaven
Artwork: Richard Gunther