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Scott Yardley, Florida USA
Founder, Systems Administrator, Programmer, Contributing Artist

Upon graduating from Moody Bible Institute, Scott intended on a ministry career. Yet, after a year of trying to find a job in ministry Scott settled for working with his hobby . . . computers. Initially his jobs were all temp work but after two years of learning the ropes Scott was hired by Mutual Fund Magazine where he was trained in networking and was eventually promoted to Systems Administrator. With the onset of the Internet boom, Scott left MF Mag to start a web design company and with this learned graphic art and web design. During this period he started on a whim without intentions of making it a business or earning money from it. But God prospered ChristArt and Scott's web design company failed. He found another job with the start up company where he excelled and was eventually promoted to Project Manager. ChristArt keep growing as the word got out and more web sites kept linking to it. During this time Scott continued creating Art for ChristArt and applied the web programming and database skills he was learning at eDiets to ChristArt. In 2003 Scott left eDiets to work full time on and found his ministry.

Richard Gunther
Richard with his daughter Tamlyn
Richard Gunther, Timaru New Zealand
Contributing Author and Artist

Richard is on fire for graphic evangelism. The amount of his overflowing and unending work can only be explained by the joy he gets anticipating someone coming closer to Jesus through it. His contribution to ChristArt is selfless and humbling. His still growing contribution include all the books found in our Book section and all the illustrations found in the "Art by Richard Gunther" area of our clip art library. Richard's graphic design and artistic career has been long and very varied. He has illustrated many New Zealand books, for both adults and children, he has drawn cartoons for a number of different newspapers and magazines and has designed a range of educational materials.

Mike Purcell, Northbrook , Illinois USA
Contributing Author and Artist

Mike started drawing curious fish images, while citing scripture to illustrate a point and has been drawing for the kingdom since 1995. Much of Mike's clipart is an immense collection of witty characters from his FlipSideTM comic strip. Mike has been in the U.S. Navy since 1982, and is currently serving his 2nd tour in Iraq, this time "boots on the ground". Mike has been married for 23 years to a former Sailor, has 3 "children" 21, 20 (another Sailor) and 14.

Catherine Yardley, Florida USA
Poetry Coordinator & Correspondence

Catherine has been an indispensible help to ChristArt. She has plunged through the day to day maintenance of ChristArt all while she home schools and raises 8 kids. She reads every poem submitted to our poetry section of ChristArt and picks the monthly winners. Catherine Proof reads Richard Gunter's wonderful stories and writes story introductions. She is the friendly hello at when people have a question.

Bithiah Ng, Sydney Australia
Power Point, Writer

Bithiah's quick work, friendly demeanor and excitement for ministry made her a real blessing to ChristArt. She started volunteering by writing short summaries of Christian stories and was ever looking for more ways to help. If you like our power point books, thank Bithiah. She converted one of our Christian books into power point for her church's children ministry. The kids loved it and Bithian set to converting others. We also loved the idea and made our all of our books available to the public in power point.

Lisa Peruchini, Virginia USA
Contributing Artist, Custom Artist

Lisa Peruchini is a versatile illustrator and designer with a 24 year history in giftware, logo design and a variety of consumer products. She resides in Virginia and loves to serve the Lord with the gift He has given her. Her Christian work can be seen in Abbey Press catalogues where she has freelanced for 9 years. Some of Lisa's art work can also be found in our clipart library.

Petey the Cat, Florida USA

Petey posed for this clipart. Besides that, he doesn't do much.