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Evangelistic Tool
Christian book: 15 Dumb Puzzles 15 Dumb Puzzles
( Evangelistic Tool )
15 fun and silly questions prone to trip you up are used here to lead the reader on to a few serious questions about sin and the need for salvation.
Christian book: A Duck Tale A Duck Tale
"A Duck Tale" is having fun with the "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" debate. Here instead of a chicken we have a duck or the egg. This fun little book sets the record straight.
Christian book: A Little Fear A Little Fear
( Fear )
Fear can change something harmless into something terrible. All too often we don't do a good thing because we imagine it to be greater or more difficult than it really is. As a result we turn fear into a greater obstacle than the task. This is little silly story about how fear changes our actions.
Christian book: Arrowroot Arrowroot
This story talks about a root called arrow root. Now a arrow was healthy food in it and poisonous food in it, but if you eat them together you will die, but if you separate them you may eat them. It i . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Beware the Camel's Nose Beware the Camel's Nose
This story is about sin; it shows how sin can start of very small, but if you let it go it will get bigger and bigger until it ruins your life.
Christian book: Big Questions Big Questions
People rather have fun than listen to a question so serious as "What happens after death?" The "Big Question" although being so big is seldom heard to for lack of audience.
Christian book: Bobby Balloonhead Bobby Balloonhead
( Pride )
Pinnocchio's nose may grows when he lies, but Bobby Balloonhead's head inflates when he brags. You know what happens to a overinflated balloon? Here's an attention grabbing story about pride.