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Poems by terry vest

poem count: 5 | pages: 1
His Music
God's love to me is like music in my soul

Starry Nights
The feeling of being watched flooded over me as I was star gazing. What if one of these were not a star at all but a reflection from my Master's eye! Just one small reflection twinkling with love for his children.

I Am Here
I had a dream on night after a co worker lost their mother. There was a woman sitting on a huge rock in the middle of a field. She was singing a beautiful song.This poem couldn't grasp the exact wording.

When God created this world he wired praise into all his creations. Let us learn to see his magnificent power in all things.

These Are The Things
Life is a beautiful gift that is granted us each day we wake. We however have been blinded to the fact of how much God has done for us and what he wants for our lives.