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Latest Poems

Here you will find poems about God, faith and many other topics dear to Christians. You can submit your own original poetry by joining. Click here, it's free. All poems are automatically entered into our monthly contest.
Beautiful Within
A poem about Israel carrying the Ark through the wilderness.

Why Did You Decide to Leave?
Many suffer from hopelessness—feeling lost and alone—their souls ladened with pain—pain we may not recognize. At some point, they may come to a “fork in the road” and choose the road that ends their journey.

"Our Responsibility"
This poem is a response to skeptics and for those who blame God for the bad in this world. But it also is points to hope if we will accept responsibility and seek His face.

Forty Days and Forty Nights
For forty days and forty nights, Jesus went into the wilderness to be tempted and tried. And the most amazing aspect of God's love is that with each moment of suffering the Savior experienced, it was we, He was thinking of.

Healing Deep
Time may deaden pain, numb our senses - time will tend to bury our hurts. Time alone is not the great healer as some may claim, Jesus Christ is!

Shadows Rising
Step into the light, found in His grace.

The Last Sleep
What it might be like closing my eyes the last time.

Don't Complain
Do not grumble or complain

Poem of Praise
This poem was written to give praise to God, to thank Him for grace, protection, His word as well as many other blessings.

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