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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Take Shelter finalist in poetry contest
A warning to take shelter in Jesus before the wrath of the Father comes against sin

Contrast of Two Hope’s
This poem explores and contrasts 2 types of hope - The hope that the world has which is based on wishful thinking (first 2 stanza's) and hope that a Christian has which is based on the promises of God which are certain and sure! (last 2 stanza's)

Exhausting Ways
We often exhaust ourselves through effort, stress and worry. Instead, may we exhaust self in prayer!

Carried Home
How we are found by the Lord and carried home to Heaven on His broad shoulders

BRING GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME second in poetry contest
Each year my New Year's Resolution seems to be the unattainable goal of bringing glory to His Holy name. Each year I fall short, and each year I try again.

Blessed Forever
Declared wonders of God toward me.

Last Call finalist in poetry contest
The fear we all dread about receiving that “last call”, signifying a loved one has passed away.

Rest finalist in poetry contest
Where we find our true rest in God.

Boxing Day Blues
Easy to get the boxing day blues - yet there is an answer to our dismay.

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