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Children Poems

The Seeking Shepherd
In Luke 15:4 Jesus compares himself to a shepherd who cares for ALL of his sheep, so much that he is not satisfied to leave one lost in the woods. This limerick prayer affirms his special knowledge of each of us and his resolve to keep us safe.

Little Poodle
A little learns a great lesson

the Little things I love about fall.

Happy New Year! Genesis 8.13
A light-hearted look at Noah's arrival on dry land, brought by the grace of God into a world of new beginnings on the 'first day of the first month'.

Jonah's Big Mistake finalist in poetry contest
I'm submitting this in the hope that children will enjoy this lighthearted look at the story of Jonah.

Zacchaeus. Luke Ch. 19 finalist in poetry contest
A fanciful glimpse as Zacchaeus grows up, and comes face to face with Jesus.

Doug, the Bug finalist in poetry contest
All winter he, in circles walked and aimlessly did roam. He shed such long repentant tears but couldn't find his home.

Harvest Prayer
Thanks for God's good bounty

Thank-you for insects
Appreciation for tiny creatures

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