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Children Poems

What I Could Do When I Grow Up
A young girl considers what she might become when she grows up. It is meant to empower and inspire young people, and encourage them to think of exciting and interesting possibilities for themselves in our God-created universe.

I've Sometimes Wondered Why
A child looks at the animal world and asks questions. She wonders about some of the things she sees which don't seem to make sense. And then she concludes with a very astute conclusion for a child!

Considering the Birds
A child observes birds and how they act, and wonders why. She concludes with her realization that nature is amazing, and identifies its amazing source.

Things That I Don't Like finalist in poetry contest
A boy talks about the things which are aggravating to him. But in the end he makes it clear what's really important.

A Trip to the Zoo
A trip to the zoo from the perspective of the animals.

About the Birth of Christ
A retelling of the Biblical account of Jesus' birth.

A Quiet Little Lamb first in poetry contest
The world is a cruel place for many children. God loves all the little children and what we have done for them, we've done for Him.

"A" is for.....
An Alphabet Poem.

Oh To Be A Butterfly
The wonders of God's creation are amazing...

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