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Earthly z Weeds

by Mark Henderson

Earthly Weeds

There is so much of this world that is unnecessary
There is so much that we can do without
And life is more a matter of choices
Then it is a matter of carvings and amounts

For we are neither vacuum cleaners
Nor are we its internal filtration
But more a moral interchange
And in fact an ethical adjudication

For despite our carnal appearances
And without reference to our physical abode
The stature and prominence of the spirit
Cannot be equated with that which corrodes

So why do we stoop for the morsel
And why accept that which can not bless
Instead of the heights we will be stationed
To be captured by an earthly caress

For we were designed to soar on conversations
And gather flowers in passing lines
Beating the drum of human relations
And lifting hearts on songs sublime

For we are more than flesh and bone
And we are more than meat and wine
We are surely the essence of the ages
And the gravity that holds all time

And so we should never settle for so little
Of that which is temporal, ephemeral, supine
But make our beds in the heavens
On clouds eternal, supernatural, and intimately defined

For that… that is who we are
And that…we will always be
If we recognize our heavenly calling
And relent of these earthly weeds

This poem was a finalist in the March 2024 poetry contest

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