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by Paul Purday

As in this world of wonders we are living
Can I take in, its beauty, life and power?
For dew-drenched steps the ancient paths are giving
A new bejewelled glory every hour.

All are included in this world of wonder
Where sun will shine on good and bad alike
Or rolling clouds unfold and then the thunder
Roars majesty, and piercing lightnings strike.

Sometimes we will not see what is around us
And will pass by and scarcely yield a thought
Other times a beauty will confound us
And catch our hearts with wonders He has wrought.

There is one wonder, far above all others
The Cross, the grave, the resurrected Christ
Which by the Enemy, this knowledge smothers
But Grace would show how all His work sufficed.

Once we have seen Him, nothing now is weighing
Heavy, on the scales of life, apart from Him
The awesome wonders of His love displaying
And flowing, pouring, filling to the brim.

He will be the subject of eternity
And all eternity His wonders show
Infinite His wondrous creativity
Beyond all human hearts and minds to know.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2024 poetry contest

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Book by Paul Purday

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