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by Paul Purday

He, as God descended
A greater stoop than all
Leaving the beauty of that glory
None knew a greater fall

Bypassing crying stars
This must ever be
The longer journey, greater story
This world would ever see

He came as one of us
Into our dying world
The Prince of Peace, soon would be smitten
By man, where man controlled.

He would through forty days
The devil's arrows bear
Shielding each barb with what is written
Then satan left Him there

Imparting heaven's love
His healing touch on man
Their sorry plight His heart was feeling
As only heaven can

He rested with His own
To wash their weary feet
The Lord of all, before them kneeling
Humility complete.

But on His suffering path
Still further He would go
Cross and the grave their depths descending
His Grace-filled hear to show.

His saving work complete
To start a brand-new day
Another story, His ascending
To chase all doubts away.

Though, we will not forget
And modest pathway share
His lowly path of love defending
And all His 'garments' wear.

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Book by Paul Purday

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