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The Desert

by Paul Purday

Israel's passage through the desert sand
The trudging steps within a weary land
Hardship bestowing
For many viewed a goal that never showed
While they were led along a twisting road
Beyond their knowing.

Much would they learn of God along the way
Which was His plan for them both night and day
An unknown yonder
For they had found the God who led them there
From Egypt's riches to the desert air
Himself to ponder

And we have found that desert air as well
To find in passing where we would not dwell
If in our choosing
But know that this is where we're meant to be
To lean alone on God, Himself to see
The flesh refusing.

Like Israel we are only passing through
The Promised Land, the goal that we pursue
The land of glory
The arid desert where our feet have trod
Would surely lead us to the hand of God
Eternal story……

For now His Land we all can enter in
Seated in Christ, the Holiest within
But soon are seeing
Giant enemies oppose with darts of flame
But heavenly armour will diffuse their aim
We rest on Christ alone and His acclaim
The beauty and the wonder of His being.

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