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by Hobbit

When you open up your eyes
Is He sitting at your side
With a smile on His lips
That betrays a certain pride?
Does He touch your injured hands?
Does His face go pale and grim
At the sight of wounds you bore
For your loyalty to Him?
Do you whisper "Lord, I'm sorry
You said 'do not be afraid'
Still I winced when they condemned me
And I trembled as I prayed.
My dear Master, I am sorry
I was terrified to die."
Does He answer "It's all right,
My dear Peter, so was I.
Do you marvel at your God:
He who made the world exist.
Does He grin as if to say
Sweetest friend, you have been missed.
When you fall into His arms
Do you know what Heaven is?
Do you heal in His embrace?
Do your scars resemble His?

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