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by Hobbit

Denied again, again, again
My God, my king, my hope, my friend
To think that I could ever mend
My shame, my pride, my lies.

To deadly hills they take Him now
A crown of thorns upon His brow
The King of Kings, but no one bows
I'm absent when he dies.

In bitter tears they say I waited
True—if sorely understated
So my soul falls desecrated
Curse my horrid deeds

Hours pass and days elapse
My spirit gone, my lungs collapse
I've fallen victim to the traps
In thinking of my needs

Then I am called, I follow John
I look to see the stone is gone
And only linen lingers on
To dare the war is won?

I see Him. I am awed. Elated.
Doubt undone, eradicated
But, in shame, I wait for hatred
From God's only Son

With all the courage I possess
I turn my eyes, on Him they rest
My heart is kicking at my chest
I know I've failed the trials.

Tension mounts, and there's a pause
I've broken all His love, His laws
So He should not forgive my flaws
He looks at me and smiles.

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