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Thank You Lord

by Mark Henderson © 2016

Thank you Lord
For this day which You've given
All is from You
There's not a thing I am missing
And thank you Lord
For all Your gifts and provisions
All I need to do
You've prepared me to walk in
Thank you Lord
For Your word and it's perfection
All I need to say
You've spoken. I need to listen
And thank you Lord
For Your presence and inspiration
All You are
Is what I want to rest in
Thank you Lord
For Your calling and invitations
Where You are
Is where I go to thrive in
And thank you Lord
For your mercies and long suffering
All You love
Is what my heart seeks to dwell in
Thank you Lord
For your laws and prohibitions
All You hate
May it be sickening and repulsive
And thank you Lord
That you sought me in my rebellion
For all You seek
To Your glory and eternal salvation

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