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God - The Ultimate Rehabber

by A Janeen Quillman

A rehabber is someone who looks
For a building in need of repair.
He determines if it is worthy
Of His time, his money and care.

He walks from room to room to see
What the builder had in mind,
And in a dusty corner he spots
The original hand-drawn design.

The beauty and grace that filled the space
Begins to unfold in his hands,
And the purpose for which it was built
Is seen clearly in the plans.

His love for making all things new
And restoring all that was lost,
Kindles a desire deep in his heart
To buy it regardless of cost.

Looking past its present condition
Of disorder, decay and demise,
He envisions it totally refurbished
With futuristic, well-trained eyes.

Now let's stop here for just a moment
And think of God as the one who repairs
And us as the building forgotten
Full of darkness and deep despair.

It may seem the plan made for our lives
Was lost during the heartaches we bore.
But it's never too late to start over,
And let Him begin to restore.

For God is the ultimate rehabber
And has looked at mankind and seen
His plan and purpose for our lives
Was worthy of being redeemed.

So He paid the price for His work to begin
To remove our rebellion and sin.
It cost Him the life of His holy Son
To make us a place He could dwell in.

As we repent of our sinful ways
And ask Jesus into our heart,
God opens the door for us to say,
"It's time for my new life to start."

Looking at us with eyes filled with love
He transforms you and me too.
Day by day He casts out the old
And brings in that which is new.

His rehabbing continues until we go
To heaven and bow at His feet,
Then He takes our hand and raises us up
Repaired, restored, whole and complete.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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