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by Ronald Shultz

Like a wild mustang on the range,
I roamed life without a plan.
Christians seemed to be so strange.
I swore I'd never wear that brand.

No one could put a saddle on me.
Many tried, but they ended up in the dust.
I was wild and I thought I was free.
Never did I see the chains of sin and lust.

Then one day the Master found me starving on the plain.
I saw love in His eyes and peace in His face.
I couldn't resist, my heart had such pain.
I quietly let Him rope my neck with Grace.

He touched me with a nail scarred hand.
A drop of His blood totally cleansed me.
I now wear the old Rugged Cross Brand.
My chains are gone and I am truly free.

Satan had rustled and branded me with sin.
He deceived me into thinking I had a good deal.
His venom wasted this man from within
And placed on my soul his Hellish seal.

Let Jesus bring you back to His Salvation Ranch.
He'll give you a reason to lift up a joyful hand.
Don't pass up what could be your last chance
To wear that blessed old Rugged Cross Brand.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2005 poetry contest

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