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To the Artist By the Sea

by Betty Marrs

To the artist by the sea, who when he saw us stopped,
Met us with a smile and kind, warm eyes.
He said somehow he felt that we were artists too.
"Our art is in our song," were our replies.

While painting he did speak of awesome scenery there,
The surf, the rocks, blue water seen for miles,
The fawn, the buck, the flowers with annual lilac hue.
A kind of kinship blossomed for a while.

He spoke to us with pride of one who was his mentor.
He worked to pass that on, to be acquired
By adults and kids alike. They felt his paint and brush,
Could add to his own art what they desired.

Like the artist by the sea, the good ones go beyond.
They practice til the beauty's evident.
One who then observes will get a little glimpse
Of loveliness, results of long hours spent.

But more importantly, he then will teach the few
Who will encounter him and catch the spark,
Begin to want to grow from this freshly planted seed.
A new direction they may now embark.

We each receive a gift from the Master who inspires,
Are able to create if we've insight.
How a gift is used is choice: to develop or to share,
Or hide it, never bringing it to light.

To the artist by the sea, and other artists too:
Thanks for all the inspiring work you do.
Your heart and soul exposed to criticisms untold,
A true example of great fortitude.

We're each our Master's work, the crown of His creation
Made in the Great Creator's image, true.
Don't ever hide your talent. Develop, learn and grow.
You'll show Him thanks by what you choose to do.

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