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Leading and Love

by Mark Henderson © 2016

We often want to get up
And really want to find
Someone who'll love us
Someone who doesn't remind
Us of all our failures
Of everything so unkind
But we really do forget
That the image we design
Is also seeking and searching
For their own peace of mind
And so we each end up chasing
Ourselves from behind
And the loop we create
Just an endless rewind
Of the love we so desire
Lost somewhere undefined

But there is another recourse
Something that isn't so dead
And it starts each morning
Before we get up from bed
And that is we must be
The one we would wed
For it all starts with us
There is no one else instead
And it begins with our acceptance
Of who we are and what we dread
And understanding forgiveness
That comes from Him who bled
And gave loves perfect example
Of leading instead of being led.

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