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Swift Sword

by Mark Henderson © 2015

Lord you called me
But I can not stand
My strength is human
For this task at hand

So here I sit
And here I pray
Considering the options
But knowing there's no way

My heart rises and falls
With every excruciating beat
For I know you love me
But the road so steep

I tell you as always
That I can not scale
A precipice so inclined
This mountain from hell

But you lay your hand
Gently on my head
You raise up my heart
But seek my soul instead

And these are the words
That instill and inspire
That lift up the weak
Beyond the mountains and higher

My love is greater
The power within
That crushes your mountains
That were built by sin

For I have considered
All that has been done
From the beginning of time
Until now and beyond

And I have settled
All transgressions past due
For you and your family
So there is not a thing to do

And the mountains you see
Have been vanquished from sight
And the troubles you encounter
Are just ghosts of the night

And so here I am
Dear son of my heart
Rest in me this hour
As my love I impart

And He takes my hand
And He calms my soul
And we walk to a music
That uplifts all in its hold

Yes, this is my Father
This is my Lord
This is my Saviour
Redeemer, Swift Sword

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