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Take My Hand

by A Janeen Quillman

Day after day as I look around
Another problem is pulling me down.
Life has lost all meaning for me,
And each tomorrow is too dark to see.

Family and friends have done their best,
But when they are gone I am left,
Faced with decisions only I can make,
Unsure about the next step to take.

There must be more to this life than I know.
I have such an empty place in my soul.
There must be someone, somewhere out there,
Is there a God who really cares?

Yes, dear one, God has always been there.
He is your Heavenly Father who cares.
Trust Him now, He will help you stand,
Just reach out and take His hand.

There is no need to be alarmed.
You will weather every storm.
He will be there through the darkest night.
He will be there at the morning light.

There is no mountain He can't climb.
There is no answer He can't find.
Hand-in-hand you will walk as one,
God with His daughter - God with His son.

As you journey through each day,
You will learn His caring ways.
He is faithful and His Word is true.
God will always be with you.

Then that empty place will fill,
With His love that He instills,
Flowing to others, as He planned,
When you reach out and take their hand.

Psalm 111

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