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In need of Grace

by Danette Kettwich

Strange rhythmic pulses
Rush through a troubled soul
Neither coming or going
But losing all control

Walking by obscurity
Blurred between the line
A time Bomb brewing
Mind Ceased to define

Faithful is now in thorns
bitter is the other side
Careless happenings
Cuts open way too wide

Cravings for a Savory balm
To heal the empty wounds
The cuts much deeper
Sounds of empty tunes

Music without its rhythm
Poems without its rhyme
Living without a heartbeat
A clock now out of time

Soul barely breathing
Tiptoeing amongst the dead
Catching slight glimpses
Of white coming up ahead

A pure and hope filled light
A Door is open wide
Waiting and yearning for
Me To come back inside

How can I stand here
Bathed in perfect light
And not be moved by
grace and glorious might

Trembling heart was lost
Fueled with selfishness
Failing to see the glory
And unfailing love for this

Unfailing love come down
Meet me here within
A heart filled loneliness
Free me from this sin

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