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What I Could Do When I Grow Up

by Robert Deimel © 2020

I sometimes wonder what I might become if only I
Believed I could be anything if I would really try.
I sometimes think about exciting things that I could do
Like fly an airplane, sail a ship, or manage a big zoo.

It seems the possibilities are endless, so why not
Let my imagination fly -- I'd be an astronaut.
Or maybe I'd become a Navy submariner, then
I'd sail my ship beneath the waves just like the Navy men.

I think there are so many things that I could do, so why
Would anybody ever not be willing just to try?
There's such a great big world out there -- so many things to do
Just think of all the choices that are there for me and you.

I always wondered what a giant freighter would be like
I'd walk the whole length, bow to stern or else I'd ride my bike.
I'd love to watch the giant swells beneath a star filled sky
And count the shooting stars and never ask the reason why....

The reason why the stars shine so much brighter than before
And how a star could shine so brightly, then proceed to soar
And why it is that I'm the one who sees this God made scene
While all my other friends could never see this in a dream.

I've looked at stars at night when there is very little light,
When dad drove out in to the desert far from city's sight.
It made me realize what a wonder I could then behold
When I could see this godly scene before my eyes unfold.

I've wondered what it might be like to study ancient things
And work with archeologists and dig up ancient kings.
I'd search for hidden royal tombs beneath the desert sand
And maybe rewrite history for some exotic land.

How fascinating I imagine it would surely be
To be a part of teams who get to be the first to see
An ancient pharaoh's hidden tomb or secret cache of gold.
Though hidden for millennia, such treasure I could hold.

I've heard about some people who live half a world away
So far up north they frequently don't see the light of day
And some folks live in places where stone castles still abound
Where sheep which safely graze on grassy fields are all around.

I want to meet these people and so many more I know
Would show me how they live and thrive in desert sand and snow.
And go to work on ships at sea and far beneath the ground
Where miners work to mine the coal, and diamonds can be found.

I've sometimes thought that I would like to write a book or two
Or maybe make a speech, I'd smile for the press on cue.
I'd like to then express my thinking for the world to read
And help to find solutions for oppression, fear and greed.

There are so many choices all available to us
But we must read and learn about the world around us, plus....
If we can learn to value folks who live so far away
We'll make more friends and that's a great thing we can start today!

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