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Bless America

by Harold Hull © 2021

Bless America

Long ago and far away a tiny band set sail;
Beseeching God for their success, determined not to fail;
With one desire they set across a dark, forbidding sea
To find a land where ev'ry man could under God be free.
With courage, faith, and love for God, America was born,
The blessings of that Holy one is what has made her strong;
But if we lose our Founder's faith then Freedom's light will fade
And in its stead Oppression's head will rise to take its place.
Now Freedom's greatest enemy is tearing at our land,
He's taking life and liberty; We've got to take a stand.
He's waging war against our homes, our streets, our courts and laws
So we must fight with all our might for God's and Freedom's cause.

Bless America, bless America,
God of mercy spread your healing through our land,
And bless America, bless America
Father, bless us once again.
Bless us once again.

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