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Before Sunrise

by Mark Henderson © 2015

I will seek Thee in the morning
Before the sun I will arise
For in darkness You adorning
To a tired heart the sunrise

And before the day with its troubles
Can ambush and prevail
Turning plans into rubble
A new day into travail

Yes, I will arise and seek You
Your face I will find
Your countenance in lieu
Of a dark world and its grind

For man is not just beast
And his soul truly exists
And we surely not least
But of much more consist

And it is this I find
Each morning with You
A humble heart recline
And to its Maker renew

And so you lift my eyes
Off this earth back to You
And my nostrils You surprise
With a sweet heavenly dew

So I seek thee each morning
Yes, before the sun I arise
For in darkness is Your adorning
An awakening before sunrise

This poem was a finalist in the August 2016 poetry contest

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