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But God

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2016

Satan appears as
An angel of light,
But God exposes him
As darkness and night.

Satan walks about
And seeks to devour,
But God in us
Has the greater power.

Satan can cause us
To doubt our salvation,
But God sealed us
Until our Redemption.

Satan tries to trick us;
We'll be putty in his hands,
But God blesses us
When we follow His commands.

Satan tempts us
To do wrong,
But God helps us
To remain strong.

Satan deceives us
Into believing his lies,
But God forgives us;
He dries the tears from our eyes.

Satan discourages us,
And we fail miserably;
But God tells us:
"Resist the devil; he will flee."

Satan is doomed;
The Lake of Fire, his destiny,
But God waits for us
In Heaven, our final Victory!

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