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O Death Where is Your Sting!

by Mark Henderson © 2017

O Death Where Is Your Sting!

Life is...beautifully and completely fragile
Like an intricately, finely crafted candle
Like a magnificently polished, gilded vase
Like a handwoven and sheer piece of lace

Here for a moment... then gone in time
A delicate balance, a thinly woven line
Focusing on details and forgetting the horizon
Life misses a step and then all that it relies on

Like a morning fog... gone by noon
Here just a moment then lifted too soon
Like a gentle rain dried up in the sun
A breath, a fragrance and quickly done

It’s a package, a present taken for granted
Like a precious rose in a garden planted
Filling the heavens with its fragrant scent
But it suddenly withers and its petals spent

So what do we say when life passes by
Is our only resort to grieve and to cry
Is there more to this life than its wispy vapor
Or is it merely smoke, an illusion, a caper

And so death is a time that calls us to ponder
What are we here for and what really matters
We can no longer rely on status and possessions
Our job, our home, our earth bound obsessions

For it is all a a breath
And so at this point we need truth, nothing less
For it creates a wound deep within the soul
Welling up to the surface past scars heavy toll

And cries for an ear to be heard this day
It will no longer be silenced, it will have its say
And it is here in this moment that life becomes real
And we know what is true and everything we feel

And it is in this instant the soul blossoms to life
And the God of the universe, all powerful, all wise
Speaks to the heart and His presence made known
The lines of communication not broken but sown

And it is here that we meet our Maker first hand
On the humble shores of death grief-struck in its sand
But He as a Father reaches down and lifts us up
Wipes the tears from our eyes with resurrection in His cup

And this is why death can not gain the victory
Because its ultimate tool and lonely soliloquy
Has lost all its sting and the fear of its grave
For the Lord is stronger, so much stronger to save

And so when evil rears it’s ugly, demented head
A Sovereign Father neither sleeps nor dreads
But stays up all night and all the day long
Watching and waiting for a heart to find its song

And so now we sing our song for all to hear
And we praise our God in whom there is no fear
And this is the victory we were born to achieve
Living life fearlessly in His Spirit on a breeze

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